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May 16 2017

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cosmic pill
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May 15 2017

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psychedelic advice :)
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May 08 2017

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May 06 2017

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all seeing eyes
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May 03 2017

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April 24 2017

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mushrooms :)
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April 20 2017

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bicycle day
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April 19 2017

Trzy niemożliwe do uniknięcia cele sesji LSD to: odkrycie i miłość z Bogiem, odkrycie i miłość z samym sobą, oraz odkrycie i miłość z kobietą. Nie możesz tego dokonać z samym sobą, jeżeli nie uczyniłeś tego z nieskończonym, otaczającym cię procesem energii i nie możesz zrobić tego z kobietą, dopóki nie zrobisz tego z sobą.”
— Albert Hoffmann
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April 17 2017

April 16 2017

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drop acid & join a cult
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April 12 2017

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Yaga Gathering 2017 is coming... :3
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April 01 2017

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March 28 2017

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March 24 2017

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March 21 2017

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“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

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March 10 2017

“My micro-dose mentor once told me that at the very lowest micro-doses you see how much God loves you, if you take a bit more, you also see how much you love God, and if you take quite a bit more, then of course it gets pretty hard to disentangle exactly who you are and who God is. What I find is that it’s easy for me to appreciate everyone and everything in my life, to very easily and naturally step into a space of gratitude and sustain it.”
— James Fadiman “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”
Tags: microdosing
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