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January 05 2018

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December 24 2017

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November 17 2017

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happy creation/birth/death day!
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November 10 2017

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October 26 2017

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September 04 2017

August 28 2017

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August 17 2017

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August 15 2017

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August 14 2017

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August 04 2017

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Tags: lsd
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July 26 2017

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as above so below (dmt)
Tags: dmt astro
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July 25 2017

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the only planet with psylocybin
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July 20 2017

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the wonderful flight to thew mushroom planet
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July 19 2017

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Syd Barrett
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June 25 2017

People say, "Don't you think you ought to be able to do it by yourself?" And I love this question because the answer is: You can't do it by yourself. That's the entire message of the last 10,000 years of human history. The self is insufficient. The ego will not suffice...you must humble yourself to the point where you admit that you can't do it unless you have help from someone whose idea of home is a cow flop.
— Terence McKenna
Tags: mushrooms
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June 23 2017

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Death Hormone - DMT
Tags: dmt
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June 19 2017

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